Biological Safety Cabinet

Field Certification Includes:

♦ Downflow Velocity Profile Test
♦ Inflow Velocity Test
♦ Airflow Smoke Patterns Test
♦ HEPA Filter Leak Test
♦ Site Installation Assessment Test

Fume Hood

We test, certify and service fume hoods and associated systems to the manufacturer’s specifications and /or full or modified ASHRAE 110.
Test include but are not limited to:
• Face Velocity
• System Leaks
• Airflow Patterns
• Containment

Clean Bench

Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) Recommended Practice, IEST-RP-CC-002.3

Cleanroom / Sterile Compounding Facilities

A thorough cleanroom test is essential to maintaining a sterile environment and staying within
regulatory compliance. In accordance to ISO 14644, IEST CC006 and USP 797.

LCS provides comprehensive cleanroom testing that includes, but not limited to:

• Non-viable Particle Counts
• Viable Air Sampling
• Room Static Pressurization Readings
• HEPA Filter Leak Testing
• Visual Airflow
• Pattern Testing
• Supply and/or Exhaust Air Volumes
• Room Air Changes Per Hour
• USP 797 Consulting
• Temperature, Humidity, Light and Sound Testing
• Computer Generated Reports


Product or workspace contamination can have crippling results. LCS is proficient in decontaminating everything from your incubators, biological safety cabinets or entire labs.
Along with Paraformaldehyde we now offer Chlorine Dioxide.

There are several advantages to using the Chlorine Dioxide decontamination method:

• Not Carcinogenic
• Safest decontamination method among gaseous or vapor decontaminants
• Short Cycle Times
• EPA registered for pharmaceutical sterilization
• Chlorine Dioxide is a true gas (Boiling point 11C)
• No neutralization of the gas is needed
• Can vent to atmosphere or scrub
• Gas penetrates dead legs and hard to reach places
• Used to sanitize equipment in food industry
• Does not have effect on stainless steel surfaces


Other Clean Air Devices

Other Exhaust Devices

Barrier Isolators

Viable Sampling